Stress Management

Did you know that everyday stressors can add up over time and contribute to anxiety, depression, sleep problems and even physical symptoms?   At times we may not even notice that stressors are mounting until we experience symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, headaches, muscle tension or upset stomach. 

Stress management offers the chance to let go of the cycle of stress in your life, and to learn new skills for coping with problems and for creating mind-body wellness. Through individualized Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT,) you will learn to manage your lifestyle, thoughts, and emotions  in the following healthy ways:  

Get a good night's sleep  

Learn proven techniques to eliminate the stressors that might be interfering with sleep, and develop  habits to support quality sleep. 

Make time for yourself 

Learn to relax with activities like yoga,  meditation,  listening to music,  watching a funny movie, or playing with a pet.

Challenge worry  

Learn a simple but powerful technique to change worry into positive thinking without "sugar-coating" the  problem.

Get your needs met in relationships 

Learn to ask for what you want and say "no" to what you don't want, without feeling guilty or pushy.

Manage your time and feel more organized  

Create more time for the things you want to do and develop habits which increase efficiency.

Reach out to your support system   

Spend more time with the people who positively reinforce and support you,  and expand that circle of support. 

Have more fun!  

Restore work/life balance and spend more time doing the things you enjoy: ie. hobbies,  social activities, volunteering or vacations.  





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